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Reject Modernity and Pornography: Embrace Masculinity

Modern society, and those that control it, want men addicted to porn. They'll take women, but they need men in particular need to be on some form of substance abuse, and pornography is one of the easiest ways for them to get there.

This is part of society's attempt to achieve the following:

  • Make men feminine
  • Make men weak
  • Make men addicted
  • Make people sick
  • Deplete everyone's dopamine/make them depressed

Keep in mind, this is not a conspiracy. This is plain and out in the open for anyone who wants to take the time to look. And while there are a ton of other factors that play into this process, porn is a huge piece of that puzzle, particularly when it comes to dudes.

Modernity and pornography go hand in hand.

So my point? 

Reject modernity and reject pornography.

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Modernity and pornography are degeneracy

Quite frankly, I do not care what your religious affiliation is when it comes to this topic. While I believe there is an incredibly strong moral argument to be made here, you do not have to be a Christian to see that pornography and post-modern thought is complete degeneracy.

It's evil of the simplest kind.

This is easy to see whether you are Christian, Muslim, Catholic, or you don't affiliate with any religion.

Deep down, we all know this stuff is wrong and disgusting.

Here are just a few of the obvious ways that pornography and modernity promote incredibly deep forms of degeneracy:

  • Paves the way for (or is directly involved with) child trafficking
  • Treats women as having no inherent value or worth
  • Glorifies every non-traditional form of sexual expression
  • Promotes increasingly unnatural and bizarre forms of degeneracy

I could make a list far longer, but it's already enough for anyone to see the need for this type of thing to be rejected.

You are not a slave to your own mind

Besides the idea that porn is part of "the Matrix" that is trying to keep you down (it is), porn also makes you a slave to your own mind.

Let's be clear on something: You are not your brain.

You have a brain, sure, and it's an infinitely complex and valuable tool. But it is not you. You are in control of your brain, which means your truest form - the spiritual man, if you will - is making the calls while your brain is carrying out those orders.

Do you ever notice that you might have two competing thoughts, perhaps one good and one bad?

But then there's a third voice - one that urges you towards the good, more than the other. This idea was put forward by C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity, as being one of the laws of human nature - an objective morality.

So that third voice is not simply more of your brain. It's YOU telling your brain how it should think and operate, based on that objective morality. 


One of the most valuable aspects of masculinity is learning to control our brains. We are not at the mercy of what we think or what we want. For a man, it rarely matters what he wants, what he "feels" like, or what the brain desires and is telling him to do.

Instead, what he knows to be right and what he is certain of being true is what stands unshakable.

Your brain can help, and often it does. But it will more often betray you. And when that happens, true masculinity relies on discipline and submission to the truth to accomplish the necessary task at hand.

Now, back to porn:

Porn quickly puts the brain and its chemicals FIRMLY in the driver's seat.

Even when the porn is "over" it has cut a rut in your mind that gives it quicker access to the driver's seat. Each time you go back to porn, that rut gets deeper, making it easier and easier for your brain to overtake you. 

When this happens, our dopamine threshold gets higher and higher, meaning it takes more and more excitement and novelty to bring us any kind of happiness.

We covered that more in depth on this piece dealing with the side effects of pornography.

And this is why we need to reject pornography. As we get free from it, that rut heals and the brain goes back to its rightful place, within our firm control, while our dopamine threshold returns to normal.

Do not be a slave to your own brain.

Take control and discipline your mind.

Take control and discipline your mind.

Modernity and Pornography are designed to give evil men exactly what they want

It has been this way for years.

Weather it be through force, policy, sport, violence, or education, evil men in society have always been able to engineer the culture to give them what they want, especially in regards to sexual impulse.

Men have engineered this for years. It's always about them getting what they want and being able to use people.

Pornography is now a monstrous part of that infrastructure. 

Evil men need it, not only for the porn itself, but for far more devious and degenerate activity that we never see. The move in culture to make men more feminine and to delude the differences between men and women, is meant to open the flood gates for evil men to seek out whatever pleasures they can conjure up - and I emphasize the word conjure. 

So reject modernity and pornography, while embracing masculinity

Fighting back means keeping porn out of your own life, rejecting the modernity that gave rise to it, and embrace the masculinity and discipline that can defeat it. If you're trying to quit porn and need some help, checkout our best porn blocking software recommendations.

Leave thoughts and questions in the comments section. 

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