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How much does Covenant Eyes cost?
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How much does Covenant Eyes cost? (updated April, 2024)

Accountability software is one of the most effective ways to curb, and ultimately stop, pornography use. One of the most popular such software is a program called Covenant Eyes, which was also one of the first such companies to specialize in this area. Founded by Ron DeHaas nearly 20 years ago, they're one of the best resources we can recommend for stopping porn use.

On this page, we're going to setup a really simple price guide that will give you an updated look at how much Covenant Eyes currently costs.

Note that these numbers are updated daily, though the price of Covenant Eyes doesn't change too often.

The most effective way to stop using porn

Covenant Eyes is an accountability software that allows you to send reports to trusted friends and/or family members that will show them your internet activity and help keep you free from pornography.

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Current Covenant Eyes Price

Here's current pricing info for a Covenant Eyes membership.

Prices are up-to-date as of April, 2024.

  • Monthly & yearly membership: ERROR
  • Number of users allowed per membership: ERROR

The Covenant Eyes pricing page, taken December of 2022 (price displayed is subject to change).

As with most membership sites, the monthly price ends up being a little more expensive than the yearly membership. I'd recommend going with the yearly option because it's very likely that you'll use Covenant Eyes for the long term.

I've had it on all my devices since 2006.

Does the cost include support?

The cost of a Covenant Eyes membership, whether monthly or yearly, includes access to CE support staff. They can be contacted through phone, chat, or email. It's really helpful to have a chat option so you can get problems/issues dealt with quickly, especially smaller stuff that's easy to fix.

Even if you aren't logged into your account, you can access support staff if you have questions about sales or the software.

Their support staff is great and very easy to work with.

Even without an account, you can get in touch with Covenant Eyes support staff one of three ways - email, chat, or phone. Note that this screenshot was taken in December of 2022.

Even without an account, you can get in touch with Covenant Eyes support staff one of three ways - email, chat, or phone. Note that this screenshot was taken in December of 2022.

Does the cost include future software updates?

All future updates and versions are included when you're paying the monthly or yearly fee. This includes both the desktop and mobile versions, though updates aren't particularly regular.

Are there different versions or tiers of membership that are priced differently?

There is only one membership with the single price structure. While a lot of sites offer tiered memberships (bronze, silver, gold, etc.), that is not the case with Covenant Eyes.

I like the simplicity of this, because you either have it or you don't. There is no additional feature complexity to consider.

Will Covenant Eyes lock my price in?

Covenant Eyes does not lock in the price of existing members. If the price goes up, your only option is to pay the new price or cancel your membership. Though I'll add that CE hasn't often increased their prices over the years and that their pricing model is in keeping with most membership websites.


The cost of Covenant Eyes is well worth it if you're trying to get help quitting pornography. It will monitor your connection and send reports to what they call your "accountability partners" which will help motivate you to avoid porn on your own.

If you have questions about the Covenant Eyes price, feel free to get in touch via the comments section below.

We'll do our best to help out.

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