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What is accountability software? Simple Explanation

In my last article I touched on one of the keys to staying off porn once you have achieved freedom: embracing accountability structures.  

But accountability in the fight against porn isn’t something only for those who have achieved freedom—it’s a first step for those of us who are starting this fight as well. 

I'll cover the basic definition of accountability software and how you can use it.

What is Accountability Software? Simple Definition  

First and foremost, accountability software is a tool built to help you win your struggle against porn by establishing measures to keep you from viewing it and/or to connect you with others who will help you to keep from viewing it. These measures are primarily a system of monitoring one's internet activity and then reporting it to an established friend or "accountability partner."

Whether it be on your phone, tablet, or PC, this software can be a significant help to you.  I’ll go so far to say that you should consider them essential in this battle.

Here are some of the features you'll typically see in accountability software:

  1. Internet monitoring: Covenant Eyes tracks an individual's online activity and sends reports to a trusted accountability partner, helping the user stay accountable for their online behavior.
  2. Blocking access to major porn sites (also see filtering section)
  3. Multiple device coverage (usually available for PC, Mac, iPhone, and sometimes Android
  4. Custom filtering for more detailed blocking: Can block by specific keyword or URL
  5. Buddy system, allies, and reporting: Provides reports to established accountability partners

There are several types of accountability software to help you in the fight.  Let’s look at a couple of them now.

First Example: Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a top choice among us here at ShieldAudit. 

For accountability purposes, it’s tough to beat.  Covenant Eyes works chiefly as a pure accountability measure for you, though it does offer content filtering as well.

All your searches, visited sites, and viewing habits are reported at intervals to an accountability partner, who Covenant Eyes aptly calls your “ally.”  And that is exactly what we need in this journey—someone to come alongside us and provide an extra set of eyes on all that we search, view, and watch.  

See below for cost details.  You’ll get some savings with an annual subscription.

The most effective way to stop using porn

Covenant Eyes is an accountability software that allows you to send reports to trusted friends and/or family members that will show them your internet activity and help keep you free from pornography.

Second Example: BlockerX

Another option in the line of accountability software is BlockerX. 

Like Covenant Eyes, BlockerX offers peer to peer accountability, as your “buddy” will receive information on your web activity.  In addition, BlockerX offers website blocking of all major (and most smaller) porn sites in just one click. 

BlockerX offers a free version and also a paid version with expanded features such as uninstall control, a panic switch to help control urges, and a daily report to your “buddy.” An annual membership is $109.79 with also a lifetime membership option available. 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of options, this is a great start on accountability software to help you on your journey to freedom from porn.  It is worth the cost!

Is accountability software effective?

Accountability software like Covenant Eyes has been shown to be very effective.

And I can attest to that as a long-time user. Adam has used the software since college (nearly two decades ago) and continues to keep it on all his devices.

While it's not a substitute for personal accountability and self control, it gives you a massive advantage by removing temptation and making those sites seem "out of bounds" all the time.

Is it compatible with all devices?

As I mentioned, Windows, MacOS, and iPhones are the most common devices. Some also support Android.

Other systems like Kindle, gaming consoles, and certain types of non-Apple tablets are not supported.

Compatibility with accountability software will vary depending on the device. The most common devices support it.

Compatibility with accountability software will vary depending on the device. The most common devices support it.

Can accountability software pick up all inappropriate content?

Covenant Eyes recently added a screen monitoring software that can pickup pornographic content visually, not simply by keywords. Before then, sites that did not include porn "buzzwords" were harder for Covenant Eyes to detect.

With the current version, their software is very adept at determine when and if this type of content has been viewed.


Accountability software is a tool in this fight.

For those just starting out trying to get unhooked from pornography, we recommend starting with some form of it.

If you have questions, reach out via the comments section below.

We'll help out as much as we can.

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